Private Island® CEO Jonathan Glatt’s Ideas Make Easter Festive & Fun For Families and Children

Private Island® CEO Jonathan Glatt’s Ideas Make Easter Festive & Fun For Families and Children

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APRIL 8, 2014 – ASTORIA, NY – “Easter is a time of year where your focus is on your family and on children,” according to Private Island® Entertainment LLC CEO Jonathan Glatt.

“It’s not only a time for the family to get together for Easter Dinner and the telling of the story of Easter, but it’s also a time for children who get to color eggs, go on an  Easter Egg hunt, see an Easter Day Parade, and receive an Easter Basket full of candy and other goodies,” Glatt added.

To help make Easter (Sunday, April 20) more festive and fun, features articles such as “The History of Easter,” “How to Plan and Easter Egg Hunt,” and “Clever Easter Eggs I Could Never Create,” he noted.

In addition, Glatt said the website also features a 15 percent discount coupon for customers to use on their total Easter purchases. Simply enter coupon code: EASTERBUNNY.

But, there is even more. For your Easter Egg hunts, the website offers a host of items, including regular and Bunny Ears and Tails,  Rabbit Noses, Plastic Easter Eggs, Easter Grass, Inflatable Easter Rabbits, Infant and Toddler Easter Bunny Outfits, Easter Bunny Mascot Costumes, and candy.

The website also has items to help fill children’s Easter Baskets. These items include candy necklaces and bracelets, candy buttons, chocolate coins, Tootsie Rolls, including a Tootsie Roll Bank filled with Tootsie Rolls, Swedish Fish, Laffy Taffy, Rain-Blo Bubble Gum, Airheads, Fully Stuff Cotton Candy, Dubble Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum Bank, Pop Rocks Candy, Sour Patch Kids, Charms Candy Carnival, lollipops, Ring Pops, Tootsie Roll Pops, Jolly Rancher Candy, Twizzlers, Gummi candy and more.  

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