Private Island Releases Its New Wholesale Catalog for 2013-2014


After months of eager anticipation, Private Island Entertainment is ready to announce the completion of its all-new wholesale catalog for 2013-2014. 136 full-color pages in length, the new catalog offers a wide array of our inventory available at wholesale prices in 3 bulk pricing tiers, allowing for greatly increased savings on large orders. But even smaller-scale purchasers will find their tier-1 pricing to be a great value!

Private Island offers an assortment of fun and fashionable products ranging from costumes & accessories to hats, belts, scarves, gloves and a whole host of other stylish accoutrements. Private Island has light-up toys and humorous gifts, party favors of all types, sunglasses that range from haute-couture fashion shades to quirky and unique novelty glasses, and holiday products for practically any special occasion.


The catalog is divided neatly into categories and subsections for easy navigation, and features helpful product-pairing suggestions inserted throughout, allowing customers to flip easily between sections with products that go well together! Using this approach, Private Island provides its potential customers with helpful hints for building inventory around a fun theme while still keeping the layout simple and intuitive. It’s the best of both worlds!

Private Island believes in the importance of quality and taking pride in one's work, and their commitment to excellence certainly comes through in the new catalog. Featuring a custom-made front and back cover by in-house artist Emily Niland and thousands of high-res photos of products and models in an elegantly modern layout, the catalog itself is a thing of beauty. Private Island invites even the most casual reader to flip through its pages and take a journey to the Island. Who knows, you may just spot something you like!

Does this all sound too good to be true? See for yourself in this catalog sample!


To order your copy of the Private Island Party Catalog simply go to our Catalog Request Form and enter your address in the form provided. To download a low-resolution online copy of the catalog, or to view our current wholesale price-list, visit our Wholesale Novelties Central and read our information for wholesalers or download it directly from here Private Island Party Catalog.

About Private Island LLC:

Private Island® Started in 2010 as the world's most eccentric and fun party company that pushes fun to a new extreme. They believe that everybody should be dressed up all the time and encourage people to break with social norms and enjoy life. Their slogan : "Dress up your Wild Side" is just that, their favorite people are creative, full of fun and laughter and see the excitement that the world brings when you put on that costume.

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