Ties and Bowties

Ties and Bowties

Party Ties

There are times when cheap party ties are appropriate and times when they are not. A piano key necktie may be a fun choice for a night out but probably won't be the best choice for your grandmother’s funeral. Those who wear party ties are saying something about themselves. Men choosing cheap ties are saying "I’m confident, I’m fun, I'm not afraid to get escorted out by security.” Taking funny ties to another level involves matching the ties your wearing to every occasion as long as that occasion is appropriate.

On your way to your nephews bris? Time to break out the cheap party ties. A nice choice for this occasion would be a tie spotted with tiny knives. Maybe you’re going on a blind date with a girl. A tie spotted with hearts shows her you’re a sensitive, romantic type. Guys who wear funny ties and wholesale apparel get spotted and get noticed. Think your friends need to lighten up too? We offer cheap wholesale ties to ensure nobody is left out!

There are a few occasional where the discerning gentleman way want to avoid the use of cheap costume ties. For some reason, these ties rarely seem appropriate at funerals unless you are at the funeral of a fun tie inventor. You can swing them at weddings, but usually not your own and definitely not if you in the wedding party. Trading out the brides chosen colors for a tie covered in shamrocks is a good way to make her cry on her wedding day. If you’re facing a grand jury on embezzlement charges, choosing costume ties covered in dollar signs probably isn’t the best option. When in doubt, stow the cheap party ties away for later.

Maybe you’re not into funny ties. Maybe when choosing your neck wear, instead of opting for fun ties, you choose to go with fun bow ties. There no shame in putting away the traditional party ties and switching to the bow tie. However, very few people can pull if off. Before taking the plunge, ask yourself if you're ready to commit to the role of “man in bow tie”, as you will be frequently required have hilarious accidents, like famous bow tie wearers Jerry Lewis and Pee Wee Herman. 

Sometimes, wholesale party ties become a trend and it seems like everyone is wearing them. There are funny ties in the shape of fish that are huge among the hunting and fishing sect. Piano key fun ties were very popular among musicians. Young and old wearers of funny ties can chose funny ties with every cartoon character from “Sponge Bob Square Pants” to the entire cast of “Looney Toons”. When choosing the right fun ties, checking the latest trends is a good place to start. 

Wearers of fun ties tell everyone “I am not taking this situation seriously”. Choose your funny ties carefully. If you want to inject some additional hilarity into the situation, you may to lose the fun ties and switch to bow ties. The options are endless. Try fish shaped ties, or fun ties covered in dinosaurs, maybe fun ties with a sexy ladies silhouette on them. The options in choosing party ties are endless, but the opportunities for error is large. Wear funny ties with caution.

Going to a party in a group costume? Then wholesale party ties are probably the way to go! Our bulk pricing options make our cheap costume ties impossible not to buy.

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