Jewelry and Makeup

Jewelry and Makeup

Cheap costume jewelry is essentially a term for jewelry made from non-precious materials such as imitation gemstones and faux pearls set in silver or other inexpensive base metals. Cheap costume jewelry appeals to a lot of people because they are beautiful and always attracts compliments and admiring glances. What’s even more appealing is that cheap costume jewelry is affordable, and can transform an ensemble from drab to elegant in just seconds. 

Cheap costume jewelry and Halloween costume accessories came into fashion in the 1920’s when they were made mainly to compliment certain attires. Their use was intended for short term, after which they were disposed. Back then, cheap costume jewelry was generally made from bone, shell or feathers. As the years evolved, materials like clay, natural glass, non-precious metals and fake gemstones were used. Cheap costume jewelry was also made with rolled gold to resemble jewelry made with pure gold. 

Cheap costume jewelry tends to be more beautifully designed than fine or precious jewelry, but they do not represent financial investment like their counterpart. However, despite the inexpensive material used, some cheap costume jewelry are artistically crafted, and are fast becoming collectible items. New designs are also produced every season; which reflects the changing fashions of history. 

Cheap costume jewelry and Halloween costume accessories comes in a variety of styles and colors, and items such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches, and rings. Cheap costume jewelry is designed in any way that can enhance clothing. 

Due to the lower cost of the materials used for cheap costume jewelry, they are often produced in large quantities, with pieces designed to go with each new season’s outfits. Cheap costume jewelry, sometimes also referred to as fashion jewelry, can be used for every occasion. The pieces set with synthetic stones like cubic zirconium, resemble diamonds, and can be used as engagement rings or wedding jewelry ensembles. Faux pearls can also be worn with an evening gown to bring a touch of class for special occasions. 

Imitations of real jewelry can also be made with materials used for cheap costume jewelry. This is often done for the rich and famous people who want to adorn themselves with their fine jewelry but are afraid of being robbed while wearing their precious stones. They can commission a jeweler to fashion their collections into cheap costume jewelry so they can keep the real jewelry in vaults and wear the cheap costume jewelry to social functions.

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