Imagine wanting to direct people to your castle and to let them know your colors. How would you do it? You could hire a clown and dress him up in your colors like a jester but it might rain or worse yet snow. Would you like to bury a few clowns killed by cold rain or defrost a few frozen like Popsicles? Of course not, you have to think of something safe like getting a computer to buy flags online. What would you do if you didn't have a computer to buy flags online? That thought probably scares the dickens out of little boys and girls who couldn't imagine not having an Internet to buy flags online. 

However, there was a time on planet Earth when people couldn't buy flags online. I know as hard as it is to imagine, you couldn't buy flags online because there was no online to buy flags online. Before there was the Internet to buy flags online, there was a world of people with different languages and religions who laid claim to their property. In the dim ages of recorded and in some cases unrecorded history, people didn't buy flags online or use signs as we know them made of metal with a metal or a wooden pole keeping the sign in place.
People used flags made of cloth made by their own hands and did not buy flags online. There are three edged flags that one can buy flags online today because they are still popularly used in schools indicating their colors and proudly telling people who they are and, more importantly, what their colors are. It seems that in the past people chose colors not because they wanted to indicate their color but they flew flags that indicated their religious choice and their nationality. You, too, can buy flags online and let people know if you are from China or from Peru. Your flag choice when you buy flags online is yours.

In the country of Nepal, tiny three cornered flags are flown to attract the spirits of the air. Some might think that getting air conditioners would be more helpful. But, you, too, can buy flags online that can appease the spirits of the air or claim your turf. From these three cornered flags came the early European flag popularly choosing Christian symbols of the cross or if non Christian of a star which you can also get from your computer when you buy flags online. Again, the historical significance of the flag is in telling people who see a flag who is flying it and who is around or on whose property you are near. Flags were flown high enough to be visible far in advance of actually stepping on the land of the flag owner. This Christian flag that probably flew in front of the Crusaders was like its ancestor, a symbol of the person flying it. Choose your theme before you buy flags online and fly them high.
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