What You Need To Know About The Evil Dead

By David Stewart




With the upcoming remake of Evil Dead by Fede Alvarez, anyone familiar with Sam Raimi’s original violent and bombastic horror franchise is sure to take note. To help celebrate its release, here at Private Island, we did a little research on IMDB to find some info you may not have known about one of the most popular horror franchises.


Evil Dead (1981)

The Original, the most serious and in some ways, the most absurd of the films. The film's shoestring budget lead to some innovative effects.



Creamed corn dyed green was used as zombie guts.


Was one of the first films to be labeled as a "Video Nasty" in the UK.




The blood is a combination of Karo syrup, non-dairy creamer, and red food coloring. At one point, Bruce Campbell's shirt that he wears in the film was so saturated with the fake blood that after drying it by the fire, the shirt became solidified and broke when he tried to put it on.


The original script called for all the characters to be smoking marijuana when they are first listening to the tape. The actors decided to try this for real, and the entire scene had to be later re-shot due to their uncontrollable behavior.





Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Often considered to be a remake of The Evil Dead, however this is not accurate. The rights to show scenes from the original could not be obtained to re-cap what happened, so they recreated the beginning to explain how Ash got to the cabin, a headless Linda, etc.



Most of the film was shot on a set built inside the gymnasium of the JR Faison Junior High School in Wadesboro, North Carolina.


When Ash chops off his hand, blood sprays all over his face. In the very next shot, the blood is gone.


Army of Darkness (1992) 

The Final Installment of the series pits Bruce Campbell in sprawling battle against the undead in 1300 A.D.



Bruce Campbell says that in order to make it appear that the chainsaw was always running, tobacco smoke was pumped through a tube that was slid up his right pant leg, up his shirt, and into the chainsaw.


As Ash is being chased though the forest you can see the tip of the cameraman's shoe as he runs with the Steadicam.




During the final battle a man (Sam Raimi) in a brown sweater and tennis shoes charges in with Henry's army.