Cops & Prisoners Party

Cops & Prisoners Party

It's hard to come up with a party theme that just involves letting people dress up as their own ideas. Let's face it, not everyone is as creative as you are. A simple solution is to come up with a theme that suggests the type of costume outright. That way the less creative guests can still feel as if they are getting in on the act. 

A great party idea is a prison party theme. While the more creative guests can get deeply involved in character creation, those that are less than creative can still have fun at the prison party too. The prison party theme does not have to be for Halloween alone. Costume parties are fun at any time for any occasion. The prison party theme does not even have to be specifically for a holiday or event. The prison party theme could be for a movie night where you get your friends together to watch classic criminal movies like Scarface or Bonnie and Clyde. 

To decorate for the prison party, you can creatively use cardboard painted gray to look like cement blocks. The cardboard can be put in front of a free wall to give the prison party room a prison feel. Along the snack or food tables, you could put fake siren lights. It also helps that the red flashing police beacon light can direct people to the food table which is where people will want to congregate for the prison party. For a realistic prison look for your prison party theme, you could get a bag of fake roaches and distribute them around the room. It is best to keep the fake roaches away from the food table, though, or nobody will eat your food. Of course, that would leave plenty of leftovers after the prison party. 

A couple of prison party costumes that are easy to assemble would involve classic criminal or prison themes. When a person thinks of a criminal or prison, the first thing they think of is cuffs. Cuffs scream criminal like a siren for the prison party. A prison party outfit in a classic black and white stripe will look good with a prisoner jailbird hat and a pair of plastic shackles. The prison party theme would not be complete without a few officers to arrest those criminals and deposit them in the local jail. Metal handcuffs with keys and a metal police badge will make a pair of dark pants and a dark button-down shirt look like a cop's uniform. Just be careful you don't get arrested for impersonating a police officer outside of the prison party.

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