Mens Wide Brim Fedora Hats | Black Wide Brim Hat | Flat Brim Fedora

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Mens Wide Brim Fedora Hats | Black Wide Brim Hat | Flat Brim Fedora


Classic wide-brim gangster fedora hat in all black. Made of Velour and Plastic. One size fits most adults at a 22.5" circumference around. Ideal for a gangster costume and great for giveaways at parties. Made from durable felt velour.



Sport that Flat Brim Fedora with Style :




Mens wide brim fedora hats are in fashion for the lengthiest of times. Men adorned these wide brim hats with full style and made them a fashion statement. But these hats became more popular in brown color due to Indiana Jones popularity.




In the 1920’s, the gangsters were the coolest people of the alley, this black wide brim hat also started catching up the trend. It was them who made people crave for this flat brim fedora.




Fedoras initially came in only one style but when it became a fad, then one could find a fedora of all styles and shapes. From a large brim fedora to a curved brim, one could have it all.




Initially, men were comfortable with the classic fedoras, however, they became a immensely important accessory in the fashion department, that men started experimenting with different styles. Out of these entire styles, this black wide brim hat went on top of the list in the classy department.




Wide brim fedora hats for men was one thing that every man had in his closet for his special occasion. With these new wide brim hats, the fedora hat also gained popularity. Mens face shape was a defining factor in wearing these hats, and they could choose the brim that suited them.




10 years later, these wide brim hats were seen mostly on businessmen or industrialists. They made it a thing of the rich and classy. It became difficult to spot people on the road, as all one could see was a swamp of hats walking on the road.




These mens wide brim fedora hats became a rage, when movie stars and pop singers started wearing them. Everyone wanted to look like Marlin Brando or Michael Jackson. Charlie Chaplin gave the flat brim fedora the love it deserved.




At one can fulfil all their star studded dreams. You want a fedora like Frank Sinatra we have it, dressing up like Charlie Chaplin for that fancy dress we have the right pick for you. Want it in your kid’s size? Not to worry we have that as well. Name the hat and we got it!








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