Santa Gloves Child PAIR 12 PACK 5230C

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Santa Gloves Child 12 PACK 5230C


4.5 inches long - fits kids 3-8 - 

Quite possibly one of our most versatile accessories, our white cotton gloves for children can be used to compliment your little magician's wardrobe or as a way to make household dust inspections fun for the kids. There's no better way to get your princess to clean her castle than by combining it with dress up.

In addition to many applications for formal dress attire, children's white cotton gloves will help the potential mime in your family discover his hidden calling. Don't be surprised to see little Timmy trapped inside an imaginary box sometime very soon. Whatever you do, don't play tug of war with a young mime. They will let go of the imaginary rope and make you fall every time.

Perfect for a variety of costumes including magician, aviator, mad scientist, or budding germaphobe! Our white cotton gloves fit most children 3-8. 

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