Summer Sunglasses

Summer Sunglasses

Do we know how summer sunglasses evolved into the popular staple of today's fashion? Summer sunglasses, spectacles, goggles, cheaters, specs, shades, however you wish to refer to them, have been around for a very long time. The experimentation with tinted lenses began in the mid 18th century when it was believed blue or green could correct certain vision impairments. During the 19th and early 20th century yellow or amber, and brown tinted lenses were prescribed for individuals with light sensitivity, which is a symptom of syphilis. Talk about wearing a scarlet letter.

America welcomed summer sunglasses into their world in 1929 when Sam Foster introduced his infamous Foster Grants. Then in 1936 we can thank Edwin H. Land for introducing us to polarized sunglasses with his patented Polaroid filter. By the 1940's the summer sunglasses were considered a very popular fashion accessory. In addition to providing protection from ultraviolet (UV) and blue light, sunglasses were worn to conceal the identity of famous people while travelling in the general public. Guess we'll never know just how many movie stars we have walked passed and not recognized because they were wearing summer sunglasses.

John Lennon and Jackie O are just a couple of 'jet setters' in the sunglasses world. Summer sunglasses styled after these yesteryear icons are still very popular today. The "Round Lennon" and the "Jackie Oversized" along with the ever popular World War aviator style summer sunglasses are still consistently top sellers. Summer sunglasses are not just for adults. What little sugar-n-spice doesn't look cute as a bug in a pair of heart-shaped summer sunglasses? Dark, light, or plain lens, mirror and shutter shaded summer sunglasses are all available and accepted in today's fashion world while protecting our eyes from harmful rays. Biker wrap around, cat eye, and wayfarer styles just to name a few. Speaking of light, how about adding some LED to your summer sunglasses for extra summer or party accessorizing.

C'mon everyone! Show us how hot you look in your cool summer sunglasses!

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