Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) is a grand celebration filled with vivid colors, custom creations and fabulous parades. Dating back ages, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) has been celebrated with magic, masks, mystical societies and various other Mardi Gras supplies. Though not nationally recognized as a holiday, many of the southern states in North America celebrate the season for extended periods of time. The season generally starts in Mid January and ends at mid-night on Mardi Gras Day, leading into Ash Wednesday. 

In the beginning, Mardi Gras was more of a religious celebration. The name Fat Tuesday derived from the fact that it was the Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lenten season. Lenten season is a period of time when the ritual of fastening begins. Fat Tuesday is the last day prior to fastening that people can consume rich and fatty foods prior to their fasting. 

While, Mardi Gras used to be predominately French and Catholic celebrated season, people from all walks of life, religions and cultures are partaking in the festivities. Full of history and modernized tradition, Mardi Gras is a widely celebrated time of year. With minimal to exotic Mardi Gras supplies for not only parades, but people too. Eccentric Mardi Gras supplies are known to have been used from the very beginning and have only grown in favor sense. 

When it comes to partaking in the Mardi Gras celebration, it starts with a variety of Mardi Gras supplies. Sure, there are the traditional beads and the not so traditional method of obtaining them, but there is so much more inside the world of Mardi Gras supplies. It’s our second chance next to Halloween to get wild and crazy with various accessories, clothing and attitudes for that matter. It’s your time to shine and there are Mardi Gras supplies here to help you do so. 

If you are looking to put together the perfect look for a Mardi Gras celebration or the whole season for that matter, Mardi Gras supplies are a top priority. From hair extensions to glowing shoe accessories Mardi Gras supplies have got you covered. Not only do they have you covered, but Mardi Gras supplies can cover the entire family, including pets. Yes, you know you’ve seen that sweet wiener dog out there sporting his purple, green and gold. 

As you decide to decorate yourself, your home and/or your parade float for this festive season, discover all the Mardi Gras supplies available to you. If you are working on a budget, don’t freight, Mardi Gras supplies don’t have to cost you a fortune either. Mardi Gras supplies, decorations and accessories are so well priced, you can decorate your entire family and likely that neighbor’s house who really isn’t into Mardi Gras all that much. 

Help carry the tradition of fun, wild, crazy and magical surprise with the right Mardi Gras supplies to kick off the season. There are Mardi Gras supplies for everyone to enjoy. Not only can you buy premade, ready to use Mardi-Gras supplies, but you can buy a lot of Mardi Gras supplies to create the perfect project for the little ones to adorn. 

Get wild, have fun and Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Check out our Mardi Gras GlassesMasks, and Costumes for all your Madi Gras needs!
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