Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses | 12PK Imagine ™ 70003D

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  • Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses |  12PK Imagine ™ 70003D
  • Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses |  12PK Imagine ™ 70003D
  • Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses |  12PK Imagine ™ 70003D
  • Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses |  12PK Imagine ™ 70003D


Rave Glasses | LED Rave Glasses |



This wholesale page is for a 12 Pack Assortment of Light up Shutter Shades.

-On/Off Switch

-Fits all Adults & Kids Ages 12 and up. 


Types of Glow Glasses :

Party props especially sunglasses looks great in parties. Earlier there were very little options but with time there are a variety of sunglasses which you can use at parties. Given below is a list of them.

Party Glasses :

The best party sunglasses which you can buy are Rave Party Glasses . They are quite comfortable to wear and look 80’s like. They are available in different colors such as blue, green, red, yellow etc and comes assorted. You can buy these glasses and keep them safe as they are reusable. They are available in a single size that fits all adults and kids over 12.

L.E.D. Party Glasses :

In the list of Rave Glassesthese LED ones are also present. “LED Rave Glasses are quite trendy and are new in the market. You can buy them and keep them safe as they are little delicate. They are available in different colours and are easily available. For the people who are bored of those old styled party sunglasses, they must buy “LED Rave Glasses.

Cat- Eye Party Sunglasses :

Cat eye party sunglasses are quite in trend and look quite cheesy. All of the cat eye ones have Light Up Eye Glasses which looks quite cool. So why not grab them for your use and look amazing at the next party.

Shutter Glasses :

There are shutter glasses which are mostly used for beach parties and nightclub parties. They look quite happening and are available in vibrant colours. They are comparatively cheap as compared to other glasses.

LED Shutter Glasses :

In the range of shutter glasses there are LED shutter glasses which are quite attractive. For the people who want to shine in the party than get these LED shutter glasses as they will help you to get the best pictures clicked.

Cartoon Shaped Party Glasses :

There are different cartoon shaped party glasses available like Mini Mouse, Mucky Mouse etc. They look stylish but are loved by the people at the party. They have Light Up LED Glasses which gives a great look to the shape.

So for the people, who want to buy party glasses, choose the glasses from the list above and party like a rock star!





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