Gag Gifts and Jokes

Gag Gifts and Jokes

College is a time in your life that is not only meant for furthering your education, but it is also there so you can have a good time. Everyone loves a few good gag gifts once in a while to make people smile and laugh. gag gifts can be used to liven up parties and make people plan further gags and jokes on their friends. There are lots of different gag gifts that you can plan on your friends and classmates. Gag gifts and novelty items can also be used as a way to break the ice between people. You can even use gag gifts on the new pledges in your sorority to get them ready for what is to come.

   Gag gifts and novelty items like the hand buzzer are classic gag gifts that can be used many ways. You can use the hand buzzers as gag gifts when you are out with your friends drinking or having a party at the sorority house. gag gifts like this can give your friends a little jolt when they've had a bit too much to drink or when you just want to catch them off guard. The mechanism is small and fits in the palm of your hand. It delivers a little shock when you shake their hand or give them a high five. Gag gifts like this are classic and have been used for years in colleges and other settings where gag gifts are appropriate.

   Gag gifts like the rubber mouse are great when you are wanting to get someone to jump out of fear. Gag gifts like this work especially well on women because they are generally afraid of creepy crawly creatures. When you are doing gag gifts like this, make sure that you place it in an area where it will be easily see, but also look as though it is real. A great places for gag gifts like this is inside of a cabinet or behind a curtain.

   Another great type of gag gifts is the shock pen. The shock pen can be used as a way to surprise your friends when they least expect it. Use gag gifts like this by carrying it in your pocket. When a friend asks to borrow a pen for a moment, just hand them the shock pen and watch their shocked reaction when they are given a tiny jolt when they attempt to write something down. It's especially great when your friend is trying to get a phone number from someone they would like to date.

   Gag gifts like the vampire bite tattoos can be amazingly fun around Halloween or anytime of year that you want to truly scare your friends. You can pair the vampire bite tattoos with some fake blood and see your friends reaction when you stumble in acting as though you've been bitten. Gag gifts like this are classic around Halloween, but doing them at a time of year when it's not expected can get you an even better reaction.

   If you really want to pick gag gifts that will make someone scream use fake blood capsules. You simply put one in your mouth and wait for the right moment to pull your gags and jokes on your friends. You can bite down on it at the proper moment and it will look as though you are bleeding heavily from the mouth. It will scare your friends and in the end give them great gags and jokes they can play on people in the future.

   Gag gifts are a great way to get your friends into little prank wars as well. Many colleges are famous for the gags and jokes that different dorms play on one another. Most gag gifts are completely harmless as long as you make sure they are done safely. Gags and jokes can be played on people at almost any time, though in the classroom may not be the best place. Gag gifts are great in the dorm, on the beach, out at the club, or even in the hallways between classes. There are lots of different gags and jokes that you can play on your friends. Just make sure you think your gag gifts out carefully and you will be sure to get great reactions every time!

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