1920's Party

1920's Party

Imagine hosting a 1920 s themed party! Create the atmosphere of a 'speakeasy' or 'juice joint,' underground bars operated and protected by the mob for your 1920s themed party. Stylish décor for any 1920 s themed party includes a 'swanky' design with a restaurant atmosphere and secret rooms behind the walls where gambling, bootlegging and prostitution kept the cash flowing. Use several rooms for gaming and gambling at your 1920s themed party, and set up a bar complete with cigarette girls to serve drinks like martinis, whiskey smash, gin fizz and giggle water.

Guests may show up at your roaring 20s party theme as a smoking, swearing flapper dame, a white collared, bible carrying puritan called a 'bluenose', dirty cops or politicians, jewelry clad gangsters, war torn soldiers or farmers. Every 1920 s themed party needs a jazz band and space to dance for those crazy cats that can't control themselves! Dances at your roaring 20s party theme like the Charleston, Black Bottom, Cake Walk and Flea Hop are 'the berries', 'the cat's pajamas’, and keep the dames and dolls happy! Don't forget 'the bee's knees'- a 1920 s themed party menu. Most speakeasies served finger foods like shrimp patties, lobster canapes, cheese balls, oyster toast, deviled eggs and crabmeat cocktails. We’ve everything you need for your roaring 20s party theme.

Your 1920 s themed party can also be a family event. Games of croquet, tug of war, sack races, baseball and Frisbee are the 'cat's meow' and don't cost a lot of dough. Have a 1920 s themed party picnic style complete with homemade lemonade and fried chicken. A 1920 s themed party celebrating prohibition is another idea, mocked with 'bootleggers' smuggling 'hooch'. Options are limitless for a 1920 s themed party. A 1920 s themed party is a nifty idea for birthdays, weddings and family reunions. Choose the style according to your guest list and swank up the joint to go back in time for a 1920 s themed party.

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