Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades | 12PK Imagine ™ 70002D

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  • Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades | 12PK Imagine ™ 70002D
  • Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades | 12PK Imagine ™ 70002D
  • Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades | 12PK Imagine ™ 70002D
  • Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades | 12PK Imagine ™ 70002D


Rave Sunglasses | LED Shutter Shades |



Sold as Dozen Pack (12)

Assorted Colors, and comes with on/off switch, Fits all Kids and Adults 10 ages of years and up. 





How To Take Care Of Your LED Sunglasses :


Nowadays, props have become the most important part of every party.  A party is not complete till it has a photo booth which contains props.  People usually buy their own props such as Rave Sunglasses, frizzy hair, wrap on etc and take it to the party set up to have fun. Buying props, especially, party sunglasses is a good idea but, you must take care of them to ensure you get the value of money for a long time. Given below are some of the point you should keep in mind when you have party Glasses with LED Lights :


Keep the sunglasses in a case :


Sunglasses especially the Rave Glasses require proper care, so keep them in a cover. For those people who have LED Shades, they should buy a big cover as a normal cover won’t fix it.


Get a separate soft cloth for cleaning them :


For the party glasses such as LED Shutter Shades or normal LED glasses get a spate soft cloth for cleaning them. As the glow in dark party supplies are delicate and might get spoilt with improper care. If you have special party glasses get a cleaning cloth from the shopkeeper. This is important as a small scratch can destroy its look.


Keep it Safe from Kids :


If you have kids around the house, then take care of your party glasses such as LED Shutter Shades as they are delicate. If by any chance the kids throw them or try there play with it, they will break. So better keep them safe.


Don’t just give your sunglasses party prop to anyone :


- If you have taken your personal prop such as party sunglasses to the party, don’t just give it to anyone. They might drop it or even destroy it by mistake. So take care. Being delicate they may stop working if you spill some liquid on it, so take care of the glasses in that case as well.


Thus to conclude, party Rave Sunglasses are quite important for creating a fun element in the parties. Take care of them in a great manner as after all you have spent money on them.



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